International Conference on
Electrical Machines
23rd-26th August 2020, Gothenburg
(Virtual conference)

Information, 2020-08-26:

ICEM 2020 is officially closed in the afternoon today! The closing ceremony including Awards and Next ICEM is held in the later afternoon. The PDF (under Program/Conference Schedule) and the video (in Final Program Full version) of the closing ceremony will be available after 16:00 today. The award winners will receive certificates by email and post.

We have 3 very interesting sponsored webinars (live) in the morning of the 27th August. You can find the links under Program/Conference Schedule.

ICEM 2020 virtual learning continues …. All the conference materials except a few with special requirements will stay available on-line for all registered participants for an extra 3 months after the conference!

Thank you all for your contributions to make ICEM2020 successful! See you at the next ICEM in Valencia!

Best regards,
Yujing Liu (General Co-Chair)

Information, 2020-08-24:

ICEM 2020 is officially opened today! As registered participants, you can download all the PDFs of papers and tutorials and view the paper presentation and tutorial videos. Thank all of you who make the conference successful! Enjoy the knowledge learning and information exchange!

Information, 2020-08-18:

An important email has been sent today to all the registered participants. If you have registered but not received the email, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please notice that the time used by the conference is CEST (Central European Sumer Time).

We are looking forward to meeting you at ICEM 2020 virtually!

Information, 2020-07-13:

Thanks for your patience to finetune your papers and registered correctly. The final submission and author registration of conference papers are closed now. The authors had problems in final papers and author registrations have been contacted and clarified.

As a participant, you can still register to the conference to join the live tutorials and watch all paper presentations videos. The video materials will stay available on-line for extra 3 months after the conference. The tutorials and paper presentations will be only accessible for the registered authors and the registered participants.

Current tasks for all authors: prepare your presentation, record your video, and upload. You can find the detailed instructions both under Menu “Program” and in PPT template 16:9 attached there. The deadline for video uploading is 9th August 2020. Please do your recording as earlier as your time allows to avoid any delay due to unexpected technical troubles.

Information, 2020-06-24:

The Preliminary Program including general information and all sessions including all accepted papers is published now under Menu “Program”.

The current tasks for all authors:

(1) Please revise your papers according to the comments from reviewers and submit the final version. Check the IEEE Copywrite box and follow the ICEM template (Word A4; or LaTex). The papers without respect to these 2 requirements will not be included in the Final Program and conference proceeding.

(2) Please do your registration under Menu “Registration”. The papers without full registration or as additional papers before 10 July will be removed from the program.

Information, 2020-06-22:

The registration to ICEM 2020 is opened now. The registration fees are adjusted for the costs of the virtual conference including the cancellation fee of the congress center. A full registration fee (regular or IEEE member) must be paid before 10 July 2020 for one attached paper to be included in the final program. Additional papers can be attached to the full registration with additional paper fee. The tutorials on the 23th August (Sunday) will held as webinars. To attend the tutorials, a registration in any types to the conference is required. All other presentations will be pre-recorded and accessible through the final program (PDF) for registered participants. The paper presentations will not be on-line presentations in real-time. The oral presentations and the poster presentations will be the same and pre-recorded as MP4 videos in 13-15 minutes. The preliminary program including all oral and poster sessions will be published under Program in this week. The instructions for preparing presentations and uploading details will be provided in the program.

Information, 2020-06-12:

A PDF file of the formal decision on virtual conference for ICEM 2020 is provided here.

News on paper reviews, 2020-05-21:

After the review and evaluation process, 458 papers are preliminarily accepted to present on the conference. The number of reviews per submitted paper is 3.5, which is higher than 3.0 as the conference requires. The success in the review process is the result of invaluable contributions from technical committee, co-chairs and all reviewers around the world. Thank you very much!

Important Message from ICEM 2020 organization, 2020-04-30:

  1. The conference has received more than 500 provisional papers. Thanks for your contributions!
  2. The review process is undergoing intensively. The final decision of acceptance will be announced on time (June 3). Thanks for all reviewers to make the conference successful!
  3. The conference will be organized in this year, 2020. If the Covid-19 situation does not allow a physical conference as the original plan, we will hold an on-line conference. The decision to go for on-line conference or not will be made later on according to the travel and meeting possibility for our participants. The decision will be announced on this website and email broadcasting. The organizing committee is actively working on the preparation for different options.
  4. The accepted AND registered papers with paid conference fee will be published in the ICEM2020 Proceedings which will be accessible from IEEEXplore (after a double-check paper by paper from IEEE for plagiarism matter).
  5. When submitting the final version (not late than July 9), registration fees will have to be paid otherwise the paper wil be eliminated from the program and the Proceedings.
  6. The registration for the conference will be open soon.

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